About Counselling

Most people finding their way to this page are looking for help for themselves, or for someone close to them. They may be struggling to make sense of their world and how they experience it, or wanting to be heard and understood, without judgement or blame.

Finding your way through life can leave you holding pain, guilt and shame that can stop you from experiencing it as you would choose; you can lose the joy and wonder of living when you can only focus on the struggles you have just trying to be who you are, and this can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

I will listen. I will not judge your life or give advice and I will not analyse you and tell you what is wrong. I will be beside you, and together we can explore what is happening for you and possibly why. People often find that with awareness they can see how to change things that will improve their life and just being able to share your story can lift a huge weight that's been carried a long time.

I believe that every life is valuable. You may tell yourself that you can manage as things are but in reality everyone deserves to live their life in the best way for them, so counselling is open to everyone, however small the issues may seem. Some may stay in counselling for long periods of time, others may 'dip in' from time to time when mental health struggles become overwhelming. Even if you just need a week or two just to clear your head of unhelpful thoughts, I can be there for you.