Counselling for Adults

I have seen how depression and anxiety can restrict lives and make people unhappy and discontented. I know that with support people can re-engage with life and make changes that lead to a more fulfilling and enjoyable way of living.

When trauma is too difficult to face we can hide away from it and try to ignore how it has changed our lives. If you have suffered trauma you need care, understanding and time to look at the impact it has had. As some traumas are too difficult to speak about I offer Rewind Therapy, and have seen how it can process trauma in short term therapy without needing to say the words out loud.

Couples need a safe space to be able to share their thoughts without fear or judgement. When communication is closed, relationships can become difficult and unhappy. Resentments can build up, and at that point the relationship may need help finding its way back to the loving and sharing way it started. I work with couples to bring openness and understanding back to the relationship by helping each person share and express their feelings and hopes for the future.

We all experience loss in our lives and most of it we will deal with quite well. Some loss can be more impactful because it changes our lives and the lives of those around us. Loss can be bereavement, or maybe the loss of your home or job, but each loss can be devastating and you mayneed help facing the changes that have been made to your world, often without choice.

Having spent a lot of time with those living with addiction I have good understanding as to why this way of coping becomes the way of life for many. Addiction can be to drugs, food, shopping in fact anything that changes the way you face the challenges in your life. It is often linked to unprocessed childhood trauma; a trauma that continues to manifest in your reaction to the world and leave you needing help coping. I can help you understand why addiction came into your life and maybe ease the guilt or shame that often comes with it.