Counselling for Teenagers

Teenagers can face a lot of pressures in this modern world, some that they are not fully ready to deal with. If they have not quite developed the tools to manage relationships with peers and parents they can be left lost and become self critical.

More than ever teenagers need to stay in touch with their emotions to help guide and protect them through life, however anxiety can get out of control, and become part of a cycle that involves depression which can lead to isolation.

I have had many opportunities to work with teenagers experiencing real challenges in their lives. Family breakdown, suicidal thoughts, self harm and drug use can be quite scary if you are a parent, so I can extend my support to the family if I feel it is in the interest of the young person to do so.

I have worked with young children in a school setting, both mainstream children and those that were considered to have particular needs including autism and ADHD. I have found that children with these neurodiverse processing abilities often need support accessing a world that is set up for the majority; a world where having a different approach can become a barrier without intention. Relationships can be difficult when neurodiversity leaves you seeking different things, and that can result in confusion and a questioning of worth. I believe in challenging the world, not the child, so the support I offer celebrates difference, but helps sort the confusion that it can sometimes bring with it.